Hot Towel Shaves in Horbury Ossett and Wakefield by experts. Here at Star Barber Shop in Horbury, you can enjoy a wet shave the way it’s meant to be done, same time we do provide professional open razor wet shaves without hot towel if you like.

Our deluxe Wet Shaves include luxurious creams, Hot and Cold towels to ensure an extra smooth shave that will leave you refreshed and revived.

Benefits of Hot Towel Shaves:

Closer shave
Smoother skin
Less skin irritation
Skin cleansing
Relaxing and soothing experience

Hot towel on your face after a clean shave to open your pores. If you are going to put on a facial mask to remove dirt from your pores or beards, you want the mask to penetrate as deep as possible. You want the towel to be moist and very hot – not burning hot, at least as hot as you can stand. Only professional barbers and beauty salons put towels in a hot towel cabinet as it is a great way to get the perfect temperature to apply before facials. In barber shops they have long been used prior to shaving gentlemen; the hot towel softens the hair and skin for a clean, close shave.

Hot towels are good for irregularity and cramps. Putting a hot towel on the stomach in instances of bowel discomfort can encourage movement and relieve pain from gas and pressure. This is also good for menstrual cramps, as the heat can ease the working muscles. Star Barber Shop offers hot towel shave and always highly recommended that you try and get that amazing fresh feeling after close shave.

Walk in no appointment necessary for a hot towel shave or hair cut today. Appointments can also be made for special occasions. It’s a unique experience every man should try. All the hair cut and shaves includes nose, ears hair trim without extra charge same as eyebrows at Star Barber Shop.

Whether you need a simple trim or want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, our trained barbers will listen and use their skills to create the perfect style to suit you. We offer discounted prices for pensioners in the area. No appointment necessary, just walk in.