Red One Red Aqua Hair Wax


Red One Red Aqua Hair Wax is a wax with a powerful formula, which ensures that the hair remains modelless throughout the day. Because the Aqua Hair Wax does not make the hair hard or greasy, it is easier to create different hair styles. The wax is enriched with vitamins and has a herbaceous scent. The hair will shine through the Red One Red Aqua Hair Wax and look well-groomed. The Wax can easily be removed by combing the hair. The Hair wax is suitable for all hair types and hair lengths.

Red One : Red One, is the brand when it comes to hair wax. Red One is part of African Products. The brand brings hair wax back to what a hair wash should be. Thanks to the Wax of Red One, the hair stays smooth and does not dry out. The hair will stay in shape throughout the day and is easy to restyle. Choose from 7 different types of wax from the Red One range.

Red One Red Aqua Hair Wax:
Powerful formula
Aqua wax
Creates shine
Easy to comb out
Does not feel sticky
Watermelon smell
Restyling is possible
Apply Red One Red Aqua Hair Wax to dry or slightly damp hair. Divide it by the hair and then style as desired. Red One Red Aqua Hair Wax is available in a 150ml pack.


Specially formulated aqua wax with a sweet, strawberry fragrance. Long lasting flexible hold which allows you to maintain the desired shape throughout the day. DELIVERY INFORMATION :For our Worldwide orders outside of the UK, delivery charges are calculated by country of destination and weight. Your postage charge will be calculated at checkout. Shop in complete confidence as all online payments are fully secure. You can either pay using your card through our secure servers or checkout via Paypal.