Did you know that cut throat razors can be used for more than just a complete wet shave or hot towel shave? One additional use for our cut throat is shaping your beard lines, edges of hair and back of the hair thanks to the easy manoeuvring capabilities with its lightweight handle and well-balanced blade holder.

Skilled barbers aren’t cheap. Cheap barbers aren’t skilled.

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Combine cut throat razor with our best-selling shaving products which is shaving balm and shave creams and you’ve got the perfect tools for the job but don’t just take our word for it because cut throat is special in the barbering world and only special professional barbers can use not just for everyone. Many barbers this days has zero knowledge of this amazing tools and must try.

5 step guide below on how to shape you beard lines with a cut-throat razor if your barber cant do it! However for safety always take your time and if you are not sure talk to your barber and you can always practise before use on your skin. Also always dispose your blades safely.

Get your lines in with your trimmers first; it’s easier with a trimmer to choose your shape before then committing with a razor. which is easiest way no skills required follow your natural beard hair lines.

Ensure the skin underneath the stubble is supple to provide a smooth glide. A hot towel or shaving creams, hot water before your treatment will work very well at this stage and must try hot towel shave.

Massage shaving creams soap or shaving lotions over the skin and up to the line you have created previously with your trimmers, ready for you to create shaping lines with your cut throat .

Make sure your blade is level in your razor and then pull the skin tight and work towards the line you’ve etched in with your clippers also we do highly recommend to use one blade for every shave or shaping. One blade one person one beard one shave rule for safety. This is where you will create the sharp detailed line on the edge of the beard that you’re striving for.

Cut Throat Shaving Map

To finish, always use shave balm and shave creams for face to soothe the skin and to prevent razor bumps or infection. For an best result from cut throat and for the best feeling exprience, apply the cooling moisturiser to the face afterwards for a relaxing facial massage to finish. Don’t forget if you don’t currently own these items as we have them all in our collection to shop today also you can always get some for your barber!

Not only are cut-throat razors far better for the environment, but they are also kind to your skin too. The use of a singular blade means your skin is subject to less friction and it allows you to angle the blade into hard to reach places without difficulty. Prices of cut throat and blades can be found online which is much better price and less cost for shaving.

Couple of different types of cut throat razors and we do highly recommend single use blades options is the best and blades can be changed anytime and replaceable. After use always dispose your used blades safely.