Shaving is the process of removing the hairs from men’s face and grooming the beard of the men with cut throad razors with traditional way. With regular shaving, dead skin cells get removed and gives the men more polished sharp and smooth look. Turkish Hot towel shave is an after shave treatment generally given by the barbers to the male clients who likes to get the best of barbering. This therapy is very effective and it is a great experience for men and good place to grown beard better..

It is a modern way to shave and groom men’s beard with little new generation twist. There are many benefits of hot towel shave with cut throat. It makes the men feel fresh and look clean and relaxed shaving experience. Your skin will start appearing more attractive with this treatment. Today there are many types of high tech razors available in the market and some men uses these razors but still get cuts, wounds, necks. Hot towel shave is now being the current trend is adopted by many barbers for shaving the men’s beard.

It provides the quality shave to the men. How amazing we feel by taking bath with warm water, just like that applying hot water towel to face is an exotic experience. Many barbers puts some oils on the towel and then steam the towel with hot water in order to make one feel more relaxing. There are many benefits of hot water towel shave.

Top Five Benefits of a Turkish Hot Towel Shave

Promotes Circulation
Applying hot towel on face before and during shave and massaging helps in promoting better circulation and makes the men feel stress-free and relaxed. It also results in better hair growth.

Open up the Pores
The steam coming from hot towel opens the pore of the skin and makes the skin softer and smoother than before. It becomes easier to remove the dead skin, extra oil, and dirt as the pores of the skin opens up through hot towel shave. Pores need to be open widely in order to minimize the skin irritations.

Soothes the Irritated Skin
While shaving, men suffers from various skin irritations due to razor burns, cuts, nicks, rashes. Thus, hot towel shave soothes one’s irritated skin resulting in healthy skin. It also helps in removing the ingrown hairs.

Moisturizes the Skin
Hot towel shape is beneficial as it removes the unnecessary oil, dirt from the skin and moisturizes the skin and cleans it and gives the skin a rejuvenating effect.

It’s Relaxing
Applying hot towel during and post shave is often relaxing as it makes one asleep. Besides these benefits, one should see that the towel soaked in the hot water is not so hot before applying to the face. Every men must go to the saloon and enjoy this exotic treatment of hot towel shave and enjoy this experience to its fullest.

This treatment of shaving improves the level of protection to one’s skin from damaging. Some men only visit to experience this amazing treatment and relax. This treatment has a prolonged effect as compared to normal shaving without including hot towel shave.

Once you experience this treatment, it will become an integral part of your daily routine to use hot towel before, during and after shave. At Star Barber Shop we do offer hot towel shave and ear flaming with hot facial wax that you will love.