Essential Grooming Hacks for Men for you beacuse like every men wants to look good, but with life short enough as it is who wants to spend longer than necessary in a bloody bathroom ext to the mirror daily and a few easy to implement grooming hacks can have you streamlining your morning routine, so you can spend more time doing… well… the things you’d rather be doing.

Learning the tricks of the trade comes with time spent doing said activity, and guys simply don’t spend enough time in the bathroom to become grooming gurus. So let us guide you with these four handy grooming hacks for looking your best

Shave after showering; your pores will be open and you will get better shave and good result on your skin.

Heal shaving nicks with lip balm; that has a styptic pencil? You probably have lip balm and its cheap to keep one can be handy.

Only sharp razors; drying your razor with blew will keep it sharp and nick free always.

Looking good isn’t self-importance; It’s self-respect.

Always get rid of rogue hairs; trim nose and ear hairs with small trimmers regularly and this days very cheap clippers can be found online always

Use moisturizer daily; combat dry, flaky skin after showering or washing your face and if you are having problem with dry skin face stay away from alcohol fragenced once.

Control hair; keep your well groomed and regularly trimmed and always have good quality products not the cheap once.

Regularly wash hair; always use shampoo and conditioner and blow dry your hair and get a hair comb.

Brush your hair; regularly comb your hair and use only good quality products for your hair

Your nails; trim your nails after a shower once a week list. and always before a date, every guy focuses on brushing their teeth!!