Shaving Gel


Ensure that when shaving, you don’t cause your skin to become irritated and prone to suffering from razor burn or rashes and general redness, by using Red One’s Face Fresh Shaving Gel. It will help keep skin protected and your shaving game on point. When this Fresh Face Shaving Gel from Red One’s is massaged into the skin and into the facial hair, it will transform into a dense and creamy formula, that will soften beard hair, and allow your razor to glide effortlessly across your skin. Gently massage this gel into your beard and onto the skin until it has become dense and creamy.


RedOne Face Fresh Shaving Gel 1000ml Pump Action. Used to soften facial beard before lathering, transforms into a dense creamy gel, rapidly softens the beard allowing the blade to glide more easily and thus prevents skin irritation. For best results: apply by massaging into beard and face before the shaping and shaving.

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