There are three typical neckline shapes with every hair cuts in barber shops and always most popular all around the world. Many people only see the back of their head when the Barber shows it to them, and majority just nod in approval because they are unsure what they are actually looking at.

Here are your neckline options:


In general you will find the majority of clients in the barber shop opt for a tapered hairline.It gradually transitions from the length of hair at the back of the head, fading into skin along the natural hairline and it grows out in a way that leaves the style looking neater for longer.


A squared neckline is cut straight across in a defined line and should follow the natural hairline as closely as possible. A squared hairline makes the neck appear wider which would benefit a thinner neck but wouldnt be advised for a client with wider neck most of the time.


A rounded neckline is smiliary to a square neckline but the square corners are rounded off. You need to ensure you dont round the corners too much as this can make the haircut appear more feminine. A rounded neckline makes the neck appear thinner which would benefit a wider neck but wouldnt be advised for a client with a thinner neck.

Trust the Barber to finish the neckline as he/she sees fit for your hair style always and you can always try different every time you had a haircut..