Like many businesses across the world, we have been closely monitoring the Coronavirus which is covid-19 outbreak. We want to take a minute to reassure you that during this diffucult time we are all facing, your barbering experience will not be compromised by any means.

We have taken all the of the necessary steps to ensure the healt and safety of you and ours can be at the best so we have decide to close our Horbury and Ossett shops till further notice.

Shops has been closed mainly for your and our safety and this is the best option for everyone. However all services will be carried out soon as we back to business as usuall.

Our team always will continue to assist you with usual range of barbering services as required.

We do have have all the facilities to keep all our tools and equipment safe and clean however social contact has been main reason for spreading virus so stay calm and stay at home be safe until further notice from goverment.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, give us a shout and we will respond quick as possible by email or on Facebook page or Twitter.

As the Covid-19 coronavirus continues to spread, the advice from scientists is that the best way to stop it spreading is thorough hand washing.

Stay safe everyone.