Do you sell hair products in shop?

Yes we do offer high quality hair gels, wax and after shaves, shaving creams and many other products for hair and beards in our shop and have many good selections.

Do you accept credit or debit card?

Star Barber Shop doesnt accept credit or debit cards at the moment however you can always pay for the service by visiting and pay for the service in advance and we will be happy to accept payments.

Do you provide parking in Horbury?

We dont have a special designated parking however there is big car park behind the our shop and its free parking which has been provided by WDC. 4 hour time limit and Horbury High Street Car Parking has no time limit at the moment!

Do I need an appointment?

We will be happy to see you with or without an appointment. However at this stage until Dec 2017 we do not accept appointments. You can call us always or send an email on Facebook or here on this site to book for special days only. However we will accept bookings appointments in the future and update all our amazing customers.