Stop hair loss

Hair loss and hair thinning occurs because not enough hair nutrients reach the hair roots most of the time. Here are some natural remedies that you can use to increase the blood circulation to your scalp to keep the hair you have or to stop hair thinning.

We need to know that when you don’t have enough blood circulating in your scalp, then your hair roots don’t get enough nutrients to support the life and strength of your hair in the follicle.

Although hair loss rarely needs to be treated, many people seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. Many cases of hair loss are temporary (for example, as a result of chemotherapy) or they’re a natural part of ageing and don’t need treatment.

But hair loss can have an emotional impact on many people, so you may want to look at treatment if you’re uncomfortable with your appearance. If hair loss is caused by an infection or another condition, such as lichen planus or discoid lupus, treating the underlying problem may help prevent further hair loss.

Male-pattern baldness isn’t usually treated, as the treatments available are expensive and don’t work for everyone. Two medicines that may be effective in treating male-pattern baldness are finasteride and minoxidil. Neither treatment is available on the NHS in UK at the moment.

Hair growth starts with a healthy scalp always remember;

Get frequent trims to your hair
Dont change the colour of hair regularly.
Distribute your hair’s natural oil.
Keep your scalp healthy.
Eating the right foods with vitamins.
Avoid heat styling tools.
Skip the daily shampoo and try to find right one.
Add a vitamin to your breakfast routine.
Finish your shower with a cool rinse.
Be careful when you brush wet hair.
Pay attention to your skin a lot.

Remember that it can’t grow overnight. Your body requires many vital nutrients to create new hair, from ample protein to a slew of essential minerals with many others. So take a look at your diet because while eating a balanced diet helps, you may not be getting the proper amount of all the hair-building nutrients needed to create healthy hair that can grow super-long and withstand damage.


After Shave and Balms

Make sure to use after shave always after a good close shave because it is important that you don’t abuse your skin when trying to get a close shave. After shaving, apply an oil-free moisturizer or an after shave balms, face creams to soothe and defend the face. Makeup for men is becoming increasingly popular for that groomed shaved handsome looks of ramp models that make the men so desirable.

Here are some tips that men can use for better skin after shave. Shaving is the most typical start to a man’s day. Getting a good shave involve skin’s sensitivity- how the skin reacts to razors and shaving products and all needs to best quality for better smooth skin. The use of a sharp metal blade to your face removes hair but also removes a small layer of skin that can cause irritation. Apply warm water to face prior to you shaving cream. Let shaving cream rest on face 2-3 minutes before starting to shave for better result. Once complete rinse face with cold water (this seals the pores).

A good daily skin care routine includes cleansing, followed by a gentle facial exfoliant scrub, which also enhances shaving ease and comfort. Wind and sun can really cause damage to your skin. Sunscreen should be used prior to leaving the house. A good scrub is necessary for healthy clean skin.

Moisturizing is a necessity. Always employ a light moisturizer on your face after cleansing and shaving and don’t forget your neck. For an intensive humidity treatment use pure vitamin E, or aloe vera oil or similar which many on the market. It is obtainable in liquid form, or just breaks open a capsule and apply the oil directly to the skin. This is a great under eye treatment. A men need to eat right, too. You want to eat a healthy diet to maintain healthy skin always . You also want to get some exercise in, every day. It clears your pores.

If you have hair that is a little on the long side and you start to notice that you are going bald. Try cutting your hair to a shorter style. Drink at least eight, eight glass of water a day. Get plenty of rest to keep your skin rested and stress free. The truth is that, men like the women have been equally interested in getting rid of the unwanted hair. There are many ways to removed unwanted hair for men. Some includes waxing, shaving, electrolysis, tweezing, trimming, and laser hair removal. However we have been recommending Arko shave products for many years and you can buy always in our shop at Horbury.


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